Ready to jump in and get started? Here is a quick guide:

To login to Spraye, simply go to and click the “Login” link at the top right which will allow you to login as an admin or technician.

1. Set Up Your Company Settings 

You will need to configure all your company and sitewide settings before getting started. Use the following link to access the Settings page or you can also navigate to the page by hovering over your profile image in the top right of your screen while signed into Spraye and clicking on the “Settings” menu option:

---> Watch the Tutorial 

2. Enter Your Customers & Their Properties

The Customer screen is where you will manage all of your customers. You can add single customers manually or you can also bulk upload many customers at once using a spreadsheet. When you click on a customer’s name, you can see the customer’s profile, all services associated with that customer, as well as all invoices for that customer.

  • Add companies one at a time or upload a spreadsheet of your clients using our bulk upload tool.

On the Properties screen, you can edit existing properties or add new properties.  All properties must be associated with a customer.  You can add single properties manually or bulk upload many at once.  There is a Map View that allows you to see all properties on a map, or you can switch to table view to view all property details.

  • Please note, it is NOT recommended to utilize this feature unless you have a specific reason why you need to upload multiple properties that are not associated with customers. Instead, we highly recommend using the bulk upload feature on the Customers screen where you can upload all properties with the associated customer data simultaneously.

---> Watch the Tutorial for adding Customers 

---> Watch the Tutorial for adding Properties 

3. Enter Your Most-Used Products

This is where you will add all of your chemicals, application rates and regulatory information. Products will be added to services.

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4. Create Your Services

A service is basically a single visit to a customer’s property. It can consist of single or multiple products to be applied. A service must be a part of a program even if it is a single service. Multiple services may be added to a program in the event that you sell multiple application packages. Services may also be assigned to different programs depending on need.

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5. Build Programs & Assign to Properties

Programs are any service or services that are assigned to a property. Essentially it is anything you sell to a customer.  A program can be anything from a full spraying program consisting of multiple “services” or it could be a simple one-off service that only consists of a single service.  Programs are designed to help you efficiently and effectively manage customers who have signed up for a multi-step spraying service. With this in mind it is important to understand that a service cannot be directly assigned to a property. It has to be added to a program (even if it is a single service).

 ---> Watch the Tutorial 

6. Add Users

This is where you will add, edit and remove users to your system. You can add admin users (who can use the scheduling and back end of the system) or technicians (who will only see their route and schedule for the day … or technician view).

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7. Complete Your Profile

You can access your own personal user profile by using the following link or you can also hover over your profile image in the bottom left of your screen while signed into Spraye:

You will need to make sure all fields are completed on your profile screen including your Applicator Number for it to show on reports (if you are also a Technician). This is also where you can change information such as your email and password.

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