Service areas (some may also refer to these as "routes") are any geographical area that you define in the system that provide a way to organize and group your properties for more efficient routing and scheduling.

Within Spraye, there are 2 ways to create service areas:  

  1. You can manually add your service areas in the Global Settings by just adding each one and then manually selecting that service area for each property when adding into the system or editing the property.
  2. Alternatively, there is also a map tool on the Properties screen that allows you to draw polygons on a map that define each service area.  
    • To create a new service area, click the polygon button at the top of the map. 
    • To save the service area, simply click the "Save Service Area" button. Then you can type a new Service Area name or search for an existing service area to set the geography.

      Once you create your service areas, every time you add a new property into the system you can automatically assign that property to the appropriate service area. You can also auto-assign service areas to properties in bulk if needed. See detailed steps below for each method.

How to Auto-Assign Service Areas in Bulk

To assign your properties to geographically-defined service areas in bulk, you will need to navigate to your "Properties" screen. From here, you can choose any/all of your properties and click the "Auto-Assign Service Areas" button at the top of the page. For any properties that are in a defined polygon, it will assign those service areas. If a property is not in a polygon, no service area changes will be made.

Manual Method

When you begin the onboarding process, you'll start by filling out an onboarding questionnaire which includes a section about your service areas. We offer two simple options to define your service areas: zip code or city name. If you already have names picked out for these areas, you can specify those on the form or reach out to your onboarding specialist to clarify. We will upload your service areas into your account to get you started. You'll be able to view these by navigating to your company settings. Next, scroll down to the section labeled Service Areas. We will review these with you during your training session before you get started using Spraye for your business. 

Once you begin using the software, you may need to add new service areas to your account. Follow the steps below to use the Manual Method: 

  1. Navigate to your company settings 
  2. Scroll down to the section labeled Service Areas 
  3. Click Add Service Area and enter your information in the popup box. Click Save. 
  4. Now, when you're adding a property, you can choose that Service Area from the dropdown menu