Please note the following limitations of this feature:

  • Routes with more than 23 stops cannot be edited. To get around this limitation, you may wish to assign multiple routes to a technician and then manually edit the order of each route.
  • Adding or removing services from a route will automatically remove any of the manual edits made to the route and reset with system routing.
  • A technician may still choose to go out of the set order on the technician screen.

Manually Editing the Order of a Route

To manually change the order of a route, you will first want to navigate to the "Scheduled Routes" page.

From there, you will want to click on the "View/Edit Routes" button at the top of the page.

When you click the button, it will bring up a window that allows you to search for existing routes by technician name and date (neither is required).

Once you find the route you would like to edit, click "Show Stops". Then you can then drag and drop the order of the stops and then click the "Save New Order" button.

This will update route sheets and the order of the stops on the technician screen.