Route by Map | Enhanced Routing Capabilities

On the Unassigned Services screen, there is a toggle at the top right for "Map View" that will allow you to view your properties on a map while scheduling, instead of just the table view.  

The "map view" screen is a split screen that displays both the map and the properties list at the same time side by side.  As you filter the list of available work ("unassigned services"), the map will automatically update to display only those properties.  Also, you can zoom in or out on the map to zero in on specific areas, and the table list on the right will then display only the properties that are visible on the map. Follow the detailed instructions below to use this feature.

How to Route by Map

Step 1: Navigate to the map view screen:

Step 2: Click the "Filters" button, which will then display a pop-up window

Step 3: Enter your filter criteria using the available search and filter fields. You can filter the list by Property Type, call-ahead/notification status, services, service area, tags, and more.

Step 4: Once you have finished entering your filters, then click the "Update Map View" button  


  • The property list will filter properties as you zoom in/out/move the map.

    • Only properties visible on the map will show in the property list.

  • You are able to search/filter/sort by all other currently available fields (Plus zip code)

  • Map will only show properties that are still visible in the filtered table

  • You are able to select all visible or choose multiple properties (with checkboxes) just like on the Unassigned Services table view.

  • When selected, the corresponding pins on the map change from grey to red.

  • If you hover over a pin on the map, it will show the property name & address