The technician view displays a simple map and listings of the current day’s services that are assigned to the logged in user. Technicians will be able to preview their route for the day and also can click to view details about each service, which includes Customer, Property, and Service History details.

Technicians will receive an email notification each time a new service is assigned to them. Each service assigned to them will also show up on their Daily View route when they login.

How to View a Summary of Your Route

  • To view a summary of your route from the technician screen, you will click on the "Route Summary" button at the top of the technician dashboard. This will show you drive time, mileage, service summaries and product summaries. These should be helpful for a technicians when loading their trucks and planning their day.

How to Complete a Service 

  • To begin your route for the day, simply click Start Day. This will take you to your first service/stop.
  • Click Get Directions under the map to use Google Maps to navigate to the stop.
  • Once you arrive at the stop, you will be able to see the Service Details, product details, property notes, and any general notes about the customer. You can also email the customer directly from this screen if needed.
  • When you click Start Service, you will be prompted to enter the wind speed. You can then submit and proceed with the service, or you can click Skip Service/Reschedule. If for some reason you cannot complete the service and need to skip, you can come back to it at a later time (it will need to be reassigned from the Admin dashboard).
  • Once you complete the service, click Complete Service and it will give you an option to send a custom message to the customer.  It will automatically generate an email to the customer letting them know their service was completed along with your custom message. 
  • Once you send the message, you will then be able to print an Invoice if you’d like.  Even if you do not print an invoice at this time, the system automatically generates an invoice for each completed service that is available to be sent from within the Invoices section of the admin dashboard.
  • When you are ready to proceed to the next stop, click Next Stop.
  • Once you have visited each stop (completed the service or skipped), you can then click Finish Day.

If you'd like to see how this looks on a mobile device, check out the video below!