Unassigned Services Screen

Typically, users view unassigned Services either at the beginning of each day or week and assign Services to technicians. Spraye allows you to schedule your services from a Table View or Map View. The same information is available on both, while the map view allows you to use our new polygon feature to select properties from a map for scheduling your route. 

Table View

You may begin by clicking the blue Filters button and start filling out the criteria to narrow down your search. Sorting Services by priority allows you to see which Service of each Program is being assigned. This makes it simple to assign a technician to the same Service at multiple Properties for an entire day. The two most common filters are the "Service Area" and "Filter Services". By using these two filters, you'll be able to quickly view the same service for multiple customers in one area. Once you're done, click Update at the bottom of the popup box.

To schedule the Services, simply check the box next to all the Services you want to assign to a single technician. Then, click Assign Technician

  • Here you can assign these Services to a technician and assign a date for the route. You can also leave any notes you feel necessary for the technician’s route that day.

Map View

Follow the same instructions above to get started. In this view, you'll see the table on the right and the map on the left. Once you've filtered your services, you can zoom into the map to get a better view. At this point, you may schedule your properties in two different ways: 

  • Follow the same steps as above and check the box next to the desired property in the table. 
    • Note The property pin on the map will turn red once selected and back to gray when deselected. 
  • You can use the polygon feature to select your properties on the map. 
    • Click the polygon shape at the top of the map. 
    • Click on the map where you'd like to start creating the shape 
    • Begin to drag out the line around the properties you want to select 
    • Click on the map each time you need to create a corner for the shape 
    • Once you close the shape around the properties, it will highlight the area in black and the property pins will turn red indicating they are selected and ready to schedule 
    • At this time, you may click Assign Technician and continue creating your route for the day

Scheduled Services 

You can view scheduled Services in the calendar view or table view by using the toggle switch at the top right. Click Scheduled Services on the left panel of your screen. See example below: 

Scheduled Routes 

You may view all the routes you've scheduled for the day by clicking Scheduled Routes from the left panel of your screen. On this screen, you can see all the details for any specific route including: assigned technician, route name, address, etc. 

Tip If you're experiencing any trouble while printing route sheets or routing your technicians, double check that the property addresses being used are validated by Google Maps.