Sometimes you may want to be able to create and provide services for zones of a property that are not the whole lawn. For instance, you may want to treat flower beds with a pre-emergent. 

In these cases it is helpful to be able to create what we call "Property Zones". Creating these property zones and measurements for them within each property will allow you to automatically price and track chemicals according to these zone sizes rather than the whole lawn size.

To use property zones, we would recommend taking the following steps:

Step 1 - Creating Property Zones

To create new property zones, you will navigate to your settings page. Here, you will scroll down to the "Property Zones" section. To add a new property zone, you will click the "Add Property Zone" button. Then you will name the property zone (something like "Flower Bed"), and click the "Add" button.

Step 2 - Adding Property Zone Measurements to Properties

Now that you have your new property zone created, you can add measurements for these zones for each property. In order to do this, you will want to navigate to the property page you want to add a measurement for. Then you will scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom right of the page, you will see a dropdown labeled "Property Zones". Here you will choose the property zone you would like to add a measurement for and add the measurement. Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom of the page before exiting.

Step 3 - Creating Property Zone-Specific Services

Adding the property zone(s) and measurements allow you to now create services specifically for those property zones. To create a service for these property zones, you will start by navigating to your Services page. Once there, you can click the "Add Service" button at the top of the page. You will add a service just like you normally would, however, in this case you will choose the applicable "Property Zone" from the dropdown at the bottom left of the screen. Don't forget to click "Submit" when you are done.

You can now create programs with these services or assign them as standalone services to your properties. They will function exactly as any other service, however, they will use the property zone square footage for pricing and chemical tracking and reporting.