Before You Start

Navigate to your main company settings page. Scroll down until you see the Mass Email Settings section. Here you will need to add your company’s SMTP details. This section must be filled out properly for the email marketing feature to work in Spraye. For more information, see: Company SMTP Details (Global Settings) We require a separate SMTP setup for your company as it is considered best practice when dealing with solicitation emails vs. transactional emails. Solicitation emails fall under different regulations for spam compliance and we want to take all necessary precautions when it comes to your reputation and deliverability. 

Important We recommend using a different email address on a different domain to send out mass emails in order to help protect your sending reputation for transactional emails.

Send Mass Emails

Spraye provides the unique opportunity to send mass emails directly to your customers based on search results in the Marketing/Customer Data report. Follow the steps laid out below to start sending your emails: 

  1. Use Filters 

  2. Prepare Your Email
    • Once you've completed your search, click the Send Email to List button to begin preparing your email. First, give your email a unique name to help you identify it later on in your Email Marketing tab. For example, the Email Name could be something like, "2024 Lawn Care Renewals (Prepay)". 
    • Next, you’ll add the subject of your email. This is what the customer will see when they receive your email. In the “Email Text” section, begin typing your email. You have several options in the toolbar above for adding images, changing the format, etc. As you’re creating the body of the email, review the details below to learn about using dynamic values. 
  3. Edit & Send
    • You’ll see toward the bottom of this popup box “Dynamic Values for Email” and a short description. This section refers to the dynamic merge fields listed below in brackets. A single dynamic merge field looks like this: 
      • These merge fields work exactly like the ones in your automated templates on your main company settings page. For example, you’ll most likely want to include a greeting that reads something like: “Hello John, ….” In this case, you will type the word “Hello” and copy/paste the dynamic merge field containing the customer’s name directly after. It will look like this: 

  • You may choose any merge field you want to use and Spraye will pull the information automatically based on the list of customers found in your search on the Marketing/Customer Data Report
  • Keep in mind, Spraye will only include a program name in your email if two things are true: 
    1. If it’s chosen in the dropdown menu 
    2. If it’s currently assigned to the customer that you're sending the email to. 

  • If either of these things are not true, the email will not include a program name.

Using Mass Emails for Renewals 

We designed the mass email feature specifically for renewals to simplify this process even further. You’re now able to filter for a list of customers that are assigned to specific programs, create your email, and click the Send Email to List.

It may say something like:

“We’re automatically renewing your services this year. Here are the programs that are being renewed: 


Thank you, 

Your Company Name


  • You must have your SMTP details set up on your main settings page under the “Mass Email Settings” section in order for these emails to be sent out. 

  • When you’re finished, you can send your email or save it as a draft. If you save the email as a draft, you can view, edit, or send under the Email Marketing tab.