Customizing user roles and restricting access is an important aspect of managing your business. By customizing your user roles, you can ensure that each user has the appropriate level of access to Spraye's various features and functionalities based on their role and responsibilities within your company. Restricting access within each role will help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data or confidential information. 

Follow the instructions below to get set up: 

  • To get started, click on Manager Users and choose Permissions from the dropdown menu
    • Add the name of the user role first by clicking Add New Role
    • Type in the name of the role. For example: Customer Service

  • Add Exclusions to User Roles
    • Choose your exclusions from the dropdown menu
    • Click the user role name in the box on the left
    • Click the > arrow to add it to the box on the right
    • Click Save
    • You'll need to save these one at a time
    • Go back and double check that each permission restriction is saved
  • Navigate back to Manage User’s page
    • Click the user’s name to access the Update User screen
    • Make sure they’re switched to active
    • Choose “Custom” as the role 
    • Click Submit
  • Go to back over to your Permissions screen
    • Scroll down to the Users to Roles section
    • Choose the role name from the dropdown menu. Example: Customer Service
    • Highlight the user’s name and click the > arrow to move the name  into the  box on the right 
    • Click Save

Contact customer support if your users are experiencing any access issues. You may submit a ticket by clicking the “Help” button in the lower left corner of your screen while logged into Spraye, or simply email us at