The Payment Log is a simple way for you to track your payments, refunds, and coupons in Spraye. You'll be able to see all invoice transactions, dates, and users on the "Update Invoice" screen and printed invoices.

The log will include the following transactions: 

  • Record of chargeback (negative payment)
  • Record of deleted payment
  • Record of any payment that is added or removed
  • Record of refund

Remember: The payment log is a "true log" which means it cannot be edited once the transaction has been made. 

2 Payment Log Locations 

  1. Update Invoice Screen 
    • If you click on an invoice number from anywhere in Spraye, you'll see the "Update Invoice" screen
    • From here, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
    • The payment log will contain all transactions made to this invoice
  2. Print or PDF Version 
    • If you check the box next to your invoice and click the "Print Invoice" button, you'll see all transactions listed on the invoice