In addition to rescheduling your services, Spraye gives you even more control over when those services are able to be rescheduled. We offer a unique feature called "Hold Until" that allows you to hold lawn services in the event of a sod installation but still perform your tree and shrub or pest control services. You will see this option pop up when rescheduling services in the tech and admin views. However, you can also access this feature from a customer's profile on the Services tab. 

How to Hold a Service 

When you reschedule a service in Spraye, you'll see the "Hold Until" option in the box that pops up. You may choose a date in the dropdown menu which will put that service on hold until the specified date. This means no users will be able to reschedule the service until said date. 

You may also place individual services On Hold from the customer's profile. Navigate to their profile and click on the Services tab. From here, you can check the box next to any service and click the Hold Until button at the top of the table. 

Next, you'll choose the date from the dropdown menu and click Hold. Your service is now on hold! 

Lastly, you may place a service on hold by using the "pause" button in the Action column. Once you click the pause button, you may choose the hold until date in the box that pops up. 

Please see an explanation for each action button below: 

  • Cancel Cancel the service completely from the customers profile 
  • Active Remove the hold on a service making it active and ready to schedule
  • Hold Place a service on hold until a desired date
  • Asap Mark a service as "ASAP" with a red highlight 

Where to View "On Hold" Services 

In the customer profile on the Services tab, you'll see two indicators that let you know this service is on hold. 

  1. The Completion Status will say Rescheduled - "On Hold" 
  2. The Hold Until Date will specify the date you chose when rescheduling

Removing a Hold 

In the customer profile, on the Services tab, you also have the ability to remove the hold on any of your services. Simply click the "play" button in the action column. A box will pop up asking if you're sure you want to remove the hold. Click "Yes" and your service will be active once again.