Your customers have the ability to manage their own preferences when it comes to receiving text messages. Once they've signed up and logged into their customer portal, they can simply click the Manage Text Messages button in the top left corner of their page as shown below. 

In the box that appears, they will be able to read a little more information regarding the text messages that are sent out from Spraye. Then, they can click I accept, which will automatically switch the texting on for their customer profile and they'll begin receiving text messages. 

Double check your subscription with Spraye to make sure you're signed up for texting. Lastly, you'll want to make sure your settings at the global level are turned on as well. 

Opt-in Examples

We wanted to provide some acceptable opt-in policy examples for your company to use when obtaining consent from your customers. You may use any of the examples below as a template for your opt-in process. 

  1. Recommended Advise your customers to opt-in via the customer portal In Spraye, your customers have the option to sign up and use their customer portal. Within the portal, there is a toggle switch available for them to opt-in to our text messaging service. Here’s a quick overview from our knowledge base: SMS Opt-In through Customer Portal

  2. Create an SMS opt-in on your website. If your leads come through sign-ups or filling out web forms, you must include a way for them to know that providing a phone number means they will be receiving SMS from your brand. This could be a check box option on the web form allowing them to agree to receive text messages. 

  3. Request permission via email. Send your customers an email requesting consent to receive texts from Spraye. See email script here: Email Template

  4. Request permission via phone. Call your customers and request permission to. See call script here: Call Script

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions regarding the SMS text messaging feature in Spraye.