In order to make a service stand out as having to be done urgently, you can mark any unassigned service as “ASAP”. This will highlight the service in red on the Unassigned Services screen and allow you to filter or sort by those services on the scheduling screen. This is helpful if you have a certain service you need to be sure gets completed before the others on the list.

How To Mark a Service as "ASAP"

Step 1: Navigate to the customer screen (from All Customers List)

Step 2: Click on the "Services" tab for that customer

Step 3: Find the service you want to mark ASAP in the table and then click the "Mark as ASAP" icon in the far right-hand column under the "Active" status indicator as shown below.

Step 4: The system will prompt you to enter a reason for marketing this service as ASAP (optional). This reason will display on the Unassigned Services screen when scheduling.

Once you complete the steps above, the service that you just marked as ASAP will now be highlighted red and indicated as an ASAP tag in the Services tab.  This service will also appear highlighted in red on the Unassigned Services table and will be color-coded on the map view. On technician view, any services marked as "ASAP" will be indicated in the route list and on the individual job/stop screen.

How to Filter or Sort Unassigned Services for "ASAP" Services

Step 1: Navigate to the Unassigned Services scheduling screen  

Step 2: Click the "Filters" button to open the filters pop-up window

Step 3: Under the "Show Only ASAP?" filter, choose "Yes" which will display your ASAP services. 

However, if you do not wish to view ONLY your ASAP services, and simply want them to be at the top of the list for priority scheduling, then you will not need this filter and instead you can use the sort function on the "ASAP Reason" column in the table.