On each individual Property screen (edit property) there is a section for "Property Available Days" that allows you to indicate which days this property is or isn't available for services.  Simply toggle each day on or off.  All days are toggled to "available" by default.  

You only need to change this setting on a property if there are days that are NOT available.

To access this feature, simply select the property you wish to edit either from the customer screen > Properties tab, or you can select from the All Properties list here: https://dashboard.spraye.io/admin/propertyList . Once you are on the Edit Property screen, scroll down until you see the Property Available Days section.

Once you have indicated the available days for a property, you will be able to filter by these available days when you are scheduling your routes from the Unassigned Services screen here: https://dashboard.spraye.io/admin/assignJobs

On the Unassigned Services screen, there is an Available Days filter as shown below. Simply select which day you would like to make sure is available for your route.  For example, if you are scheduling a technician's route for Tuesday, you would select "Tuesday" from the Available Days filter to make sure all the properties that display in the list are available on Tuesday.