Manual Invoice for a Single Customer

If you'd like to create an invoice for just one customer, please ensure that a "Manual Billing Program" or "Standalone Service" with manual billing has been assigned to that customers' property. 

Note: If you assign a "Standalone Service" with manual billing, it will allow you to create manual invoices for that customer for any service. You do not have to complete any of the following steps regarding creating a new program unless you want to assign a new program for a customer with the manual billing type.

  • If you don't already have a "Manual Billing" program, please follow the steps below: 
    • Click the button to the right of the program 
    • Change the name to "Manual Billing" instead of "Copy" 
    • Choose "Manual Billing" in the pricing field dropdown menu 

    • Assign a property 
    • Click Save

Once this step is completed, you may choose the "+New Invoice" option at the top of the "Active Invoices" screen. From here, complete the information in each field and click submit. 

  • Now, you can choose the manual billing program from the dropdown menu 
  • Choose the service(s) for which you are creating the invoice and name your price

  • Apply any coupons and click Submit 

Now, you may view and manage your manual invoice from the "Active Invoices" screen