You will need to configure the invoice settings that determine certain company-wide settings that affect all customer invoices. 

Payment Terms: The way in which you request payment from your customers. Use the dropdown menu to choose your terms. 

Note: "Net 7" means the amount is due 7 days from the time the email was sent out. 

Default Invoice Message: A customizable message displayed on all invoices near the bottom of the page.

Hide/Show Sales Tax: If you charge sales tax you will need to toggle the switch to “Show”, but if you are in a state that does not charge sales tax, then switch it to “Hide”. 

Convenience Fee: A credit card processing fee charged by Clover Connect for online payment processing. Once this fee is updated in Invoice Settings, it will automatically be added to the total amount due at time of payment. The customer will not see this charge until they click Pay Now on their invoice. 

For more information, see: Credit Card Processing & Payments  

Auto-Send Invoices by Email: Switch to "ON" position if you'd like all of your invoices to be emailed automatically. Switch to "OFF" position if you'd like manually send invoices to your customers at specific times. 

Ability for Technician to Add Standalone Service to Property: Allows the technician to add a service while at the property. 

Example: Your technician observes brown patches at the property that weren't previously recorded. He now has the ability to add a service on the spot and complete it that day or schedule for a future date. 

Add a Pay Now option to all invoices: Checking this option will allow your customers to pay using ANY credit card or payment processor. You will be prompted to enter the link from your current payment processor that allows you to accept payments online. A "Pay Now" button will be enabled on all invoices sent out to your customers. Please keep in mind this is not a direct integration with the Spraye system, simply a link to your external payment processor.

Note: Only use this option if you are using a credit card processor other than Basys or CloverConnect. If you are     using Basys or CloverConnect, do not check this box.

Remember: Check all the add-on fields you'd like included on your invoices. Click Submit to ensure all changes are saved before moving on! 

For more information, see: Creating & Sending Invoices