This feature allows you to send emails to your customers (as well as any other email notifications from the system) from your own custom domain rather than the Spraye domain. 

In order to utilize this option, you will need to find your SMTP settings from your current email host (this would be whoever you use to send your emails currently, like Google, GoDaddy, etc.) Each email provider will have separate instructions for how to find your SMTP details. Once you find your SMTP details, then enter the required information into the fields on the following screen. 

  • SMTP Host: This is the server that hosts the outgoing SMTP server 
  • SMTP Port: This will be a number listed with your SMTP details
  • SMTP Username: This is simply your email address that you want to send from.
  • SMTP Password: This is the password for the email account you want to send from.


Watch this walkthrough to set up your GMAIL or GSUITE SMTP:

Before sending emails using the Gmail's SMTP Server, you will need to check some of the security and permission level settings under your Google Account Security Settings.

  • Make sure that 2-Step-Verification is enabled.
  • Then you will have to create an app password for your application or device. For security measures, Google may require you to complete this additional step while signing-in.

Note: It may take an hour or more to reflect any security changes.