The Automated Emails & Text Messaging section sends an email and/or text message notification to your customers automatically when the toggle is switched ON. This function works for the following options: 

  • Service Scheduled 
  • Rescheduled Service 
  • 1 Day Prior to Scheduled Date 
  • Service Completion 
  • Program Assigned 
  • Estimate Accepted 
  • Purchase Order Accepted

Note Your customers have the ability to "Unsubscribe" from emails at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of any emails they receive from your business through Spraye. We have greatly reduced the size of the "Unsubscribe" link to lower the chance of accidentally unsubscribing from emails. See below: 

If a customer happens to click the "Unsubscribe" button by accident, you can simply navigate to their customer profile and toggle the "Subscribe" switch to the ON position. 

Customize Your Automations

You may customize the language in each email or text message by editing the wording in each box. See examples below. 

Important: DO NOT delete or change the merge fields (These are the words and phrases within brackets)  

If you want to add the bracketed information to your outgoing email or text, you can copy and paste the fields below anywhere into the box:

  • Customer Name: {CUSTOMER_NAME}

  • Service Name: {SERVICE_NAME} 

  • Program Name: {PROGRAM_NAME} 

  • Schedule Date & Time for Job: {SCHEDULE_DATE}

  • Property Address: {PROPERTY_ADDRESS}

  • Technician Message: {TECHNICIAN_MESSAGE}

  • Property Conditions: {PROPERTY_CONDITIONS}

  • Additional Information: {ADDITIONAL_INFO}

  • Property Name: {PROPERTY_NAME} NEW!

  • Service Notes: {SERVICE_NOTES} NEW!

  • Service Description: {SERVICE_DESCRIPTION} NEW!

Here's a quick tutorial on customizing your automations: 


Note Your technician has the ability to send a custom message to the customer regarding their job at the time of completion.

TIP You can add a link to your Customer Portal in any or all of your automated emails/texts.

For more information, see: Pre-Service Notifications & Automated Text Message Notifications & Reminders