Locations are very important. You can’t have any inventory in Spraye unless you have at least one location and one sublocation set up. If you have multiple sites where you keep inventory, you can create more than one location. The location is the delivery address where the items will be delivered and received. 

Add a New Location 

Find Locations under the Inventory tab and click New Location at the top of the screen. Proceed to enter the following items: location name, phone number, and address. 

Remember: The street address must be Google validated.  

Sub Locations

Within each location, you can create a sublocation which is where your items will actually live. For example: an aisle, shelf, or row. 

Add a New Sublocation 

Find Locations under the Inventory tab and click New Sublocation. Use the dropdown menu to choose a location. Enter the sublocation name. 

Important: To automatically deduct inventory when completing services, you will need to associate the desired sub-location to deduct that inventory from with a fleet vehicle assigned to a technician. Multiple fleet vehicles can be assigned to 1 sub-location or you can create specific sub-locations for each vehicle.