Create purchase orders to keep track of which items have been ordered, received, and unmatched on your invoices.

  • Click Inventory > Procurement > Purchases 

  • Click New Purchase Order at the top of the screen 

  • The “Purchase Order #” will automatically populate based on the number of purchase orders you’ve already created 

  • If your vendor has already provided you with an “Estimated Delivery Date” you may enter it here 

  • Next, enter your location, sub location, and vendor name (all required) 

    • Location & Sub location: where your items will be placed upon receiving 

  • Then, begin adding items to your purchase order 

    • Type the item and choose from the dropdown menu 

    • Now, use the arrows in the quantity field to choose the number of items 

  • If needed, add shipping costs, discounts, and tax 

  • Any notes added here will show up on the PO and be visible to the vendor as well 

  • Now, you can either “Save as a draft” or “Submit and Send” 

    • If you choose “Submit and Send”, the purchase order will be sent directly to the vendor by email to allow for approval. 

Once the vendor approves the purchase order, the Sent Status will automatically change to “Opened” and the PO Status will change to “Approved by Vendor”.  You may view or edit the PO at any time by clicking on the PO # on the “Purchases” screen. 


Now, you can go into “Receiving” and you can receive against that purchase order. On the “Purchase Order Receiving” page, you can either click Receive All at the top of the page or you can enter the amount of units received if it’s only part of the order. Keep in mind, if you receive all the items, the purchase order will be removed from this page. 

Once the PO has been received, navigate back to the “Purchases” screen and click on the PO #. Now, you can add an invoice. Click View/Add Invoice on the upper, right-hand side of the screen, enter the invoice information, and click Save. 

At this point, you will see that the paid status of the purchase order has changed to “Ready for Payment”. The only time this will happen is when your purchase order, receiving, and invoice all match up. Now, you can mark it paid to complete the process. 


In the event that you need to return an item, please follow the steps below: 

  • Choose Purchases under the Inventory tab on the left side of your screen 

  • Click the PO # of the item you’d like to return  

  • Within that purchase order, click +Return Item(s) at the top of this page 

  • Enter the amount of units you’d like to return 

  • Click Return Items at the bottom of the page 

Now, returned items will show up on the “Returns” page instead of “Purchases”.