An item is anything you keep track of using your inventory module. Products are the chemicals you apply when you service a lawn. So, an item could be a product, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, an item could be a vehicle, office supplies, or spraying equipment. 

Manage everything about your items: name, cost, tax, dimensions, weight, description and more! Track the stock quantity of any of your items at any given time.

The Items heading on the left panel will have two dropdown options: Overview & Item Quantity. The Overview is a table view of all the items you have in stock with the ability to add new items, search existing items, and export items into a spreadsheet. The Item Quantity section allows you to see how many total items you have on hand and where they’re located. Here you can search items, view location and sub-location, and export items into a spreadsheet.


  • From the overview screen, you can click New Item to add a new item to your inventory. Start by adding the name of your item and the “item number” which refers to any number associated with purchasing the item. For example: sku number, bar code, etc. 

  • Add a description for your item. Choose an “item type” from the dropdown menu. The item type can be added or edited at any time. For more information, see: Item Types

  • If you choose “Product” for your item type, you will be asked to associate that item with a product you apply to your lawn. Choose the unit conversion type ( weight or volume). This step is important because the unit conversion type you choose will determine which products are available in the dropdown menu. Then, choose the product from the dropdown menu that you would like to associate with your new inventory item. 
    • Note: You can only associate your item with a product that has the same conversion unit. 

  • You may choose an “item brand” from the dropdown menu if you like, but it is not required. For more information, see: Brands

  • Add the “Unit Definition” and cost for the item. 

  • Choose a Vendor from the dropdown menu. You may add as many vendors as you like. This section is helpful for keeping notes about vendor discounts and price comparisons. 

  • When you’re finished adding your item, you may see an overview of all the items you currently have in stock on the “Items” page. 

Item Quantity

 This section will show you how many units you have on hand of each product and where they are located. Use the filters at the top of the page to find a location and/or sublocation to view item quantities.