Our inventory management tool gives you the ability to track your products, purchase orders, vendors, and so much more. The lawn care chemicals and products you use in Spraye can now be recorded and managed using our Inventory system. To get started, choose the Inventory button from the main navigation panel on the left side of the screen at any time to access your inventory. See more info below for each sub section.

This module contains the following features:

  • Manage your inventory in any number of warehouses

  • Manage categories and brands for your items

  • Manage your vendors and suppliers

  • Create purchase orders and receive items

  • Create returns for purchases

  • Make quantity adjustments 

  • Transfer items from one location to another

Set up your inventory module in the order listed below:

Locations & Sub Locations 

  • The Location is the physical address where your items/products will be delivered and stored. (Example: Warehouse) The Sub Location refers to the place where the items/products are actually placed/held within the location. (Example: Row, Bay, Level, Truck) Be sure to include as much information as possible when adding locations and sub locations in your inventory program. These details will help you stay organized when you need to pull product information later on. 
  • Important: You must have at least one location and sub location created before moving on to any other steps.
  • For more information, see: Locations


  • Here you will be able to enter all your vendors and their contact information. You may add any notes in the custom fields provided at the bottom of the “New Vendor” box. 
  • For more information, see: Vendors

Item Types

  • Item Types can be added next. There will automatically be an item type in the system called “Product”. This is here so you can associate your items with products that you put down when you’re doing applications. You can add different item types for other things like sprayers and trucks.
  • For more information, see: Item Types

Brands (Optional)

  • Adding brands is an optional part of your inventory setup and may be added or changed at any time. You may want to see different brands of products when making vendor or price comparisons. 


  • Finally, you may begin adding individual items to your inventory. Items can be anything your company needs to keep an inventory of. This may only be chemicals used to treat lawns or it could range from fleet vehicles to office supplies. For more information, see: Items

Watch our webinar here: Inventory Webinar