Here at Spraye, we know receiving payments is an extremely important aspect of running your business. Fortunately, there are multiple methods available to receive payments from your customers. In this article, we will discuss some common and convenient ways to receive payments. 

Payment Status > Dropdown Menu

In the Payment Status column, you may click on the the payment status button to view a dropdown menu with 4 options. Choose "Paid" from the dropdown menu and follow the prompts to mark the invoice as "Paid". 

Mark Paid 

The Mark Paid button allows you to mark single or multiple invoices "Paid" at one time.  On the Active Invoices page, check the box next to the invoices you want to update.

Then, click the Mark Paid button on the upper right-hand side of the table. 

In the popup box, you will see a field called, "Partial Payments Already Applied". This shows all partial payments you have already received for any of the invoices you selected in the first step. The "Total Amount Due" is the remaining balance for all of those invoices (once the partial payments have been subtracted). 

Finally, you may choose a payment method from the dropdown box and fill in any payment information needed. For example: If you're using a check for the payment here, you may type in the check number for your reference. 

Add Batch Payments NEW

If you receive multiple checks by mail from your customers, you'll definitely want to check out this feature. The batch payment feature allows you to add multiple checks as payments all at the same time in a few simple clicks. Any overpayments will automatically be applied to the customer account as a credit. We highly recommend using this feature to apply payments to multiple accounts at one time. Follow the steps below to get started: 

  • Navigate to the Active Invoices page
  • With your payments (checks, cash, other) in hand, click the + Batch Payments button at the top of the page
  • Click + Add More 
  • Begin typing the customer name in the search bar below "Customer" and choose their name from the dropdown menu
  • Now, you'll see the amount due and total balance due show up on the right 
  • From here, you can add the check amount and check number
  • IMPORTANT If the check amount is higher than the amount due, the remaining amount will automatically be added to the customer's account as a credit. 
  • For more info, see: How to Add a Credit to a Customer Account.
  • Click + Add More to add additional payments for other customers
  • You'll see the total number of checks added on the bottom left and the total dollar amount added on the bottom right
  • When you're finished, click Submit