If you need to place a customer on hold for any reason, Spraye offers an account hold feature that can be applied manually or automatically. This will pause all outstanding services for a specific customer until you are ready to resume servicing.  

If a customer account is on hold, any services on the "Unassigned Services" screen will be grayed out and unable to be scheduled (they will still show up, but just unavailable to be chosen).

You can place accounts on hold manually at any time by changing the customer status field on the customer profile screen to "On Hold" or you can also turn on the automated hold feature which will place the account on hold automatically (and subsequently take it off of hold if a customer pays their late invoices).

How To Setup Automatic Hold Feature

In the global settings screen, there is an option to automatically place accounts on hold.  This feature, if turned on, will be triggered automatically when an account reaches a specific "Lateness" threshold specified by you in the settings screen.

 You have the option to trigger the automatic account hold at the following timeframes: 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days. 

  • The account admin will receive a notification any time a hold is triggered on an account
  • There is also an option to have the system automatically send an email to your customer if their account is placed on hold (including a hold reason). You can customize this message in your global settings 
  • In your Customer Portal, a notice will also show to a customer on their portal screen letting them know what their account is on hold.