When handling customer communication and billing, sometimes it is necessary to put "alerts" on an account to be visible anytime someone accesses it. This makes it easier to remember important things in the busy season when you have a million things going on.

Spraye allows you to set 2 different types of alerts on a customer account: General Alerts & Payment Alerts

Here's how it works:

  • To create "Alerts" on customers and/or properties, there is a button at the top of both the individual Customer screen and the individual Property screen that says Add Alert.
  • To add an alert, click the Add Alert button and choose from the following:

    • Alert Type
      • General Alert
      • Payment Alert
    • Alert Text
      • This is where you will enter the text you would like to show when you see the alert
    • "Show on Technician Screen"
      • If you would like the technician to see this message when they get to the property, you will click the checkbox. If it is only for office or admin use, you can leave it unchecked.
    • Property (Optional) 
      • When adding an alert from the Customer Screen, you will have the option to choose a specific property. 
      • If this option is chosen, the alert will ONLY show for that specific property, not for the customer as a whole.
  • Alerts will be displayed on the top of the customer screen with a red background and in a popup on the technician screen when the option is chosen

  • To remove an alert, simply click the "Trash" icon on the right side of the alert that shows at the top of the page.


  •  You can add as many alerts as you would like to any account or property.

Technician View

  • If an alert was set up to show on the technician screen when initially created, then that alert will be displayed for the technician when they are completing a service at that property or for that customer. It will display as seen below after they click the "Start Service" button at the stop. You will also be able to see a "tech visible" tag on the Customer Quick View screen next to the alert.

                         As always, please let us know if you have any questions about using alerts.