We have created a Customer Portal where your customers can log in and view active/paid invoices and pay outstanding invoices.

A customer portal account will be created for your customers when they first become an active customer and also have a program or service assigned to them. Customers will need to create a login with a password to access their portal account. Their username will be their email, (so customers cannot have a portal without an email address.) Their portal account will exist with the primary email address on file for that customer.

Overview of How The Customer Portal Works

  1. Customer clicks on the link to your customer portal on their invoice or in one of your automated emails that goes out.
  2. Customer fills in their email to request to create an account.
  3. Customer confirms email to set up password
  4. Customer can then log in anytime to see the following: Invoices, Scheduled services, Outstanding services, Total amount due, sign up for auto-pay, pay their invoices/total due or download a statement.

Your Customer Portal URL

Every company (Spraye subscriber) will have their own unique static URL for their customer portal. The URL for your customer portal will be: https://dashboard.spraye.io/welcome/company-name  (be sure to replace the "company-name" part of the URL with the exact company name that you have in your Spraye company settings.  Just use a dash for any spaces.  So, for example, if your company name is Green Lawn Care your customer portal URL that you would share with your customers, place on your website, etc. would be https://dashboard.spraye.io/welcome/green-lawn-care

Note: In the case of duplicate company names, then your city name will be added to the end of your URL.

Ways your customers will be able to get to this portal:

  • Link from all outgoing automated emails - “Access Your Account”
  • Link on all invoices - “Access Your Account”
  • Link on all estimates - “Access Your Account”
  • You can add a link from your website to your portal as well!