1. Navigate to the Customer you want to leave a note for by clicking their name on the Customers list: https://dashboard.spraye.io/admin/customerList

2.  Click on the "Notes" tab on the far right

3. Click the blue Add New Note button

4. You can choose to assign a specific property to this note so that it is tagged specifically to it, or you can skip that step and have the note only be associated with the customer.  

5. Next you will need to select your note type. If you want to add a new note type in your global settings, click here: How to Add a Note Type. Once you add them in your settings, these note types will appear in your dropdown menu. 

6. Optionally, you can assign a user to this note if you would like someone else to look at it or assign it to them as a task.  Choose the "Task" note type in the previous step if you wish to assign a due date and have it set to an "open" task status. The user will be notified if you assign them to the task. 

7. You can also set a due date for the task if you'd like. 

8. Next, you can add any attachments including images or pdf documents that will display with the note. 

9. Then, you can check the box next to "Include in technician view" to show or hide this specific note when the technician is at a stop for this property. This will only apply if a specific property is associated with this note in step 4.

10. Finally, you will enter your note comments or whatever information to be included for your task/log. 

11. Click Save.