You will be able to create your own custom types of notes (think of these as categories of the different types of notes and logs you want to keep on every customer account or property). These could be categories such as "Customer Call" or "Sales Visit" etc.  You will notice in your global settings screen there is a new section added for Enhanced Notes and Note Types and you will also see that there is a default note type called a "task" that already exists.  This will give you the ability to open and close “tickets” for accounts and assign to specific users within your system, or simply use it as a to do list for yourself or your team so nothing falls through the cracks!

How to Add Note Types

1. Go to the global settings screen here:

2. Scroll down until you see "Note Types" (towards the bottom of the page)

3. Click the green button that says Add Note Type

4. Enter the name of the new note type (such as "Customer Call" or "Sales Visit" or "Before & After Photos, etc) and click Save.

5. Repeat this process to setup all of the different note categories you would like to have in your system. These can be changed at anytime.

Additionally, if you want to require your technicians answer specific questions about what they saw and what they did at each stop, then Check the box next to "Require Technician Customer Notes" under "Enhanced Notes Settings" and then click "Submit".  This will prompt the technician to answer the following questions: "What I Saw, What I Did, and What To Expect" after each stop which will be sent to the customer.