Spraye has a unique feature that will allow you to tag any property with a custom tag that you create to allow for easier and more efficient routing and scheduling.  

Automated New Customer Tag

There is a built in "automated" tag feature for New Customers that will automatically be applied to any new property that is added into the system with a "Prospect" status.  This "New Customer" tag will remain on this property until they have a service completed and is visible on the Unassigned Services screen.  After an initial service is completed for a new customer, then the "New Customer" tag will fall off automatically.  This will allow you to easily spot those new customers and prioritize them however you'd like.

Manual Custom Tags

Spraye also allows you to add or remove custom tags on Properties and then choose these tags to filter the Unassigned Services page when you are scheduling and routing.  Your tags can also be shown on the Technician Screen when technicians are completing service stops.

How to Setup Custom Tags (Global Settings)

  • Go to the Settings page
  • Scroll down until you see the "Custom Tags" section
  • Click "Add Tags"

  • You can create tags for anything you want that will make it easier for you to recognize important information about a property.
  • Check the checkbox to show the tag on technician screen if you wish.

  • Once you have added all your tags, they will now be available for you to select from when adding tags to a property.

How to Add Tags to a Property

  • Go to the Properties list and filter for the property you wish to add tags to and select it from the list
  • On the Property Profile, there is a "Assign Tag" field where you can select from the tags you created in the global settings (see above)
  • Once you tag a property, that tag will show up in the Unassigned Services screen when you are scheduling jobs and will also show on the technician screen at each stop.