When your prospects have Sales Visits assigned to them, you will need to assign these visits to a sales person. You will do this in almost exactly the same way you route technicians from the Unassigned Services screen.

Here's a quick step-by-step for how Sales Visits work:

  1. Go to the "Unassigned Services" screen to schedule your Sales Visits.
    1. Filter the services by "Sales Visit"
    2. If you need to assign multiple sales reps per day, then you will want to split them up using service areas or town names -- whatever is easiest for you.
    3. When your sales rep logs in, they will log in to the "Technician" dashboard here: dashboard.spraye.io/technician/auth
    4. From here, they will be able to see all of the sales visits assigned to them for the day.
    5. They will click into each sales visit to complete the visit
      1. Add property info
      2. Create an estimate
      3. Send an estimate
      4. Set up autopay
    6. When the stop is finished, the sales rep will complete the stop and leave any notes necessary.
    7. The estimate process will be handled from here out from the admin screen.