Want to manage fleet vehicles from your Spraye dashboard?

We make it easy to use Spraye to manage your fleet vehicles and machinery in the following ways:

  • Add/Edit/Remove Fleet Vehicles
  • Preventative Maintenance

Add/Edit/Remove Fleet Vehicles

  • Navigate to the "Fleet Management" tab on your left menu in your dashboard.
  • Click on "Fleet Vehicles"
  • On the following page, click the button "Add New Vehicle" at the top right of the page.
  • Enter your vehicle information and click submit.
  • Now you can edit each vehicle, take notes and even assign them to your technicians by clicking "Select Vehicle" and then clicking "Edit Vehicle" when you are on the individual vehicle screen.

Technician Daily PM Checklist

  • Want your technicians to do a daily check of their vehicle? Simply assign them a fleet vehicle from the individual vehicle screen & navigate to the "Enhanced Notes" section of your settings and click the checkbox to require it.

  • When the checkbox is checked AND your technician is assigned a vehicle, each time they start a day, they will be asked to complete the checklist.
  • This checklist will be logged as a note on your vehicle notes log.
  • If your technician notes that the vehicle needs attention, the admin will be notified to make sure it is taken care of.

Maintenance Notes & Due Dates

  • Need to record an oil change or schedule a task for you to do one in the future? Simply add a note to your vehicle and assign it to you maintenance staff with a due date.

Technician Fleet Notes

  • Your technician can add a note for their vehicle any time throughout their route simply by clicking on the button at the top of their technician screen. They can assign these notes to a maintenance staff or themselves to let them know about an issue or information about the vehicle.