There is now a billing type available in Spraye for your customers called "Group Billing". It is designed for use with commercial or sub-contractor types of accounts that have multiple properties/customers that are not direct customers of yours. With this billing type, the contractor (your customer) does not want their end customer to see any of your pricing, since they have worked out specific pricing with them.  (So the customer does not pay you; they pay the contractor separately.)

When “Group Billing” is specified as the billing type for a customer, the system allows for contact information to be entered at the property level in addition to the customer level so that individual properties are receiving all of the pre- and post-service notifications, but NOT the invoice or billing information.

  • So in this case the system pulls in the property level contact info instead of pulling customer level information for the following situations:

    • Pre-service notifications (automated emails and text messages that go out for when a service is scheduled, and 1 day prior to the service reminder). This also applies to the service skipped/rescheduled emails/texts.

    • Pre-service printed invoices

    • Post-service notifications (including the service summary email)

    • Auto-sent service summaries with no prices at service completion 

      • This is essentially like a regular invoice but with no pricing information. This pulls the property address onto the summary instead of the customer address.

    • The system will still use the main Customer information to send invoices from the invoice screen or when the system sends out invoices daily and also when sending any estimates or estimate notifications.

  • Specific contact fields that have been added at the property level for Group Billing accounts ONLY are: 

    • Phone #

    • Email with opt-out

    • First Name

    • Last Name

  • If the customer is NOT a “Group Billing” customer/billing type, then they will NOT have these extra contact fields available at the property level. 


The contractor would be listed as the Customer in this case and then all of their customers would be listed as properties under that Customer - and the customer would be marked as  “Group Billing” customer/billing type which tells the system to do the billing differently and use the different invoice template and the system will use the property level contact info rather than the customer contact info.

Automated Billing/Invoicing for Group Billing

There is also now a new setting that has been added to allow customers to NOT receive automatic invoices daily at the individual customer level (which overrides the global Company Setting).

  • The following field/setting has been added to the individual customer screen for all customer types (not just Group Billing): “Auto send invoices?” with a toggle for On or Off.  If it’s toggled to “On” then it gives the option with radio button for “Daily” or “Monthly”. This option only shows if the auto-send invoice setting is turned on in the global settings. If it is turned on in the global settings, the default setting for all customers is set to “On” and “Daily”.