The Invoice Age Report can be found under Reports on the main navigation panel on the left side of your screen. You may also click here: Invoice Age Report 

What This Report Shows

In this report, you can see total outstanding invoice amounts due in the following intervals for each customer: Partial, Unpaid, or Past Due. Individual rows for each customer show an outstanding balance on any invoice that has been marked as “Sent” or “Opened”.

  • Filters include: by customer, service area, and/or sales tax area .

  • Report is broken up into columns by intervals: 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days, and 90+ Days. You can also choose 15 day intervals (up to 90+ days) or 30 day intervals (up to 90+ days) .

  • The “Totals” column shows all aging invoices combined with a “Totals” row at the bottom that totals each column of intervals.

  • Once you have filtered the data you want to see, you can export the report to a csv and download.