What are the required dimensions for uploading my company logo?

The ideal logo size to upload is 800 x 800 px and should be no greater than 2 MB.

Can a customer make a partial payment on their invoice from the Customer Portal? 

The customer can only pay the entire "Past Due" amount or the entire "Balance Due" amount from their customer portal. Although, the user is able to accept partial payment on any invoice while logged in as an administrator. 

Does Spraye track my chemicals for compliance data? Where do I find that information? 

Yes. If you have added your products/chemicals into Spraye, it will automatically track them in the system each time a service is completed. You can find this data in the Completed Service Log.

Are the required technician notes visible to the customer? 

Yes. The following (3) questions: What you saw, what you did, and what to expect are all visible in the service completion email that goes out to the customer. You must have your automated emails turned on for this function to work properly. 

If a customer is signed up for auto-pay, when is their card actually charged? 

The customer's card will actually be charged when the Technician hits Complete at the end of a service.

 How can I change my settings so my customer is only notified by email one day prior to their scheduled service? 

 Navigate to your main settings page by hovering over your name and choosing Settings. Now, scroll down to the Automated Emails & Text Messaging section. You'll want to make sure all notifications are turned OFF, except the 1 Day Prior to Scheduled Date. 

Do you have a mobile app for Android/iOS?
Our app is a web app that is designed to work well on all devices. Having said that, we do make it easy to pre-print routes for you to use in the field if you happen to be in a place with no cell service and our software is able to utilize many of the native functions on your mobile or tablet.

Can I reschedule services from my mobile phone? 

Yes, you can! As long as you're an account admin or owner, you can schedule services for a different date in the admin view from your mobile device. If you're a technician only, you can click the Skip/Reschedule button from the technician view which will place the service back on the Unassigned Services screen to be scheduled by an admin. Check out the video below for tips to reschedule your services on a mobile device: 

Is there a way to add the Measure Map Online property image to the Technician View in Spraye? 

We are currently working on a simpler way to do this, but for now we've got a pretty great work-around for you! Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on this process. 

"I'm having trouble switching between apps on my phone and going back to complete my service in Spraye."

We've heard this a few times from our users. We know it's important to record the correct amount of time you spend at the property. While you're at the property, you're probably going to be using other programs on your phone besides Spraye. In the video below, you can see a quick tutorial on how to switch easily back and forth between tabs on your mobile phone while still being able to switch back to Spraye and click "Complete" in the Technician View. 

Note: Video recorded on iPhone