The Customer screen is where you will manage all of your customers. You can add single customers manually or you can also bulk upload many customers at once using a spreadsheet. When you click on a customer’s name, you can see the customer’s profile, all services associated with that customer, as well as all invoices for that customer.

How to add a new single customer manually:

    • Click the “Add Customer” button

    • Fill in all the basic customer details and information

    • Optionally, you can either add a new Property for this customer directly from this screen or if you have already uploaded all Properties or if the Property already exists you can select it from the list. 

How to bulk upload many new customers at once:

    • First, download the “Sample File” which will provide you with the required format for the upload.

    • Any column headers in the sample file that have an asterisk (*) at the end of the column name are required fields. If a required field is left blank for any customer row, the customer will not be imported.

    • Please note you can upload associated Properties with customers using this method.  If a customer has multiple properties, you will need to include a separate row for each property (keep the same customer information in each property row).